AT&T SportsNet Pirates’ Analyst Michael McKenry has spent many seasons breaking down how Major League hitters have found success with their swings, and now he wants to do the same for youth baseball and softball players.

We’re asking parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters to take a video of your youth player taking swings at the field, in the cage, in your backyard, garage, wherever it it safe. Then follow us and tweet the videos to us @ATTSportsnetPIT  makes sure you include #bringyourswing in the post- and let Michael McKenry offer your youngster some encouragement and advice.

Please ensure that your submissions do not include any of the following:

  • Music
  •  Any third-party artwork in the background or proprietary logos
  • Any other person or people in the background
  • Well known/famous/viral video, or that otherwise seem unlikely to be actually owned by the person submitting
  • Videos that embarrass the individuals depicted or show them in a particularly negative light – think of it from their point of view or if this video were to go viral

Some suggestions for filming your video include, but are not limited to:

– using Slo-mo video if possible

– Frame the subject from head-to-toe and wide enough to see the entire swing

– For best broadcast quality – shoot your video in landscape format (ie. Turn your phone sideways)

If your video is chosen, you will be contacted by AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh and directed to a website to complete and submit legal release forms, allowing us permission to use your video.

Don’t forget to follow us and tweet the videos to us @ATTSportsnetPIT  makes sure you include #bringyourswing in the post.

These releases will need signed and email back after someone contacts you.