AT&T SportsNet teams up with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins to air Bucs and Pucks Classic Games commemorating great Pirates and Penguins games, plus other shows from the past.  This special programming will include some of the most memorable features and games starting on Monday March 23rd on the network.

This feature programming gives fans the chance to relive some of the region’s most legendary games, virtually gathering on social media and experiencing it together while hearing from some of the games participants as they watch along with us all.   The Classic games include the 2013 Pirates NL Wildcard game against the Reds and all 4 wins from the Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.

Additional games will include some of the biggest moments for both the Pirates and Penguins from the regular-season and post-season.

Fans can engage with the AT&T SportsNet with Robby Incmikoski and Dan Potash live tweeting during games using the hashtag #BucsClassic and #PensClassic.   Plus, Michael McKenry and Garrett Jones will be tweeting live during the Pirates Wildcard game reliving the game.

Upcoming Bucs & Pucks Classic Game Schedule on AT&T SPORTSNET:

Day/ Date Game Time
Monday, March 23 “Sidney Crosby: There’s No Place Like Home” 7:00PM
Monday, March 23 Inside Penguins Hockey: Lunch with Malkin and Potash 7:30PM
Tuesday, March 24 2013 NL Wildcard Game: Cincinnati Reds at Pirates (10/1/13) 7:00PM
Wednesday, March 25 Pittsburgh Penguins 50th Anniversary Movie 8:00PM
Thursday, March 26 2011 Season Opener: Pirates at Chicago Cubs (4/1/11) 7:00PM
Monday, March 30 2009 Stanley Cup Finals, Game 3: Detroit Red Wings at Penguins (6/2/09) 7:00PM
Tuesday, March 31 1960 World Series, Game 7: New York Yankees at Pirates (10/13/60) 7:00PM
Wednesday, April 1 2009 Stanley Cup Finals, Game 4: Detroit Red Wings at Penguins (6/4/09) 7:00PM
Thursday, April 2 2014 Home Opener: Chicago Cubs at Pirates (3/31/14) 7:00PM